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My name is Andrew and I have a passion for helping others break through their struggles and becoming the person they might suspect they can become. I believe in optimal transformation and I work at empowering my clients through coaching, and I do so,  with an empathic approach. I have 2 decades of experience with helping individuals achieve their goals and objectives because I put my own educational knowledge, spiritual expertise, and life experiences to use - whether it be teen coaching, business coaching, or adult life coaching... I do my best to help clients transform themselves into a better version of themselves - efficiently.


Most people’s views of life coaching are of adults seeking career guidance, advice on getting over a mental block, setting goals, or getting back into the dating game. Teenagers aren’t the first group that will spring to mind when it comes to needing a life coach, which is odd considering the significant changes during adolescence. Most teenagers won’t need the help of a professional therapist to treat a diagnosable mental health issue. Still, they could be struggling with body issues, self-confidence, time management challenges, or career choices. Teen life coaches have the tools and the training to help teenagers get through these complex challenges, so they have the means to build a solid foundation for their future. Here are a few more reasons why my teen life coaching sessions could benefit your teenager...


This program is designed for teens and families who have children who are having difficulty lifting their mood. When you have depression, even the smallest task, such as making your bed, can feel impossible. Without any energy nor joy, it is very difficult to know if you will feel better. Can your teen conquer anxiety, stress, and depression? The answer is yes, they can recover from such difficulties. One small step at a time. If you're unsure as to whether your teen suffers from anxiety, stress, or depression, please read below:

Examples include:

  • Persistent sad mood or loss of interest in pleasurable activities

  • Sleep difficulties, appetite, concentration, and energy levels feeling "off"

  • Avoiding responsibilities or getting irritated when asked about them

  • Relying on others to get daily responsibilities completed because of low energy levels

Provide a Supportive and Safe Space

Some issues teens face are deeply personal and sometimes embarrassing, making discussing it with their parents a difficult proposition. A teen life coach’s office provides a neutral, safe space where teenagers can vent their frustrations or talk about their issues without fear of judgment. When they know they aren’t facing possible emotional baggage from their parents, they are more likely to open up and work at getting to the root of their issues.

Restore SELF-TRUST AND Confidence

With ongoing sessions, life coaches can reveal the negative behaviors teenagers may be doing that lower their self-esteem and self-confidence. Teenagers are often oblivious to their behavior’s long-term consequences, and parents can struggle to get through to them. Life coaching sessions can help them focus on their strengths and natural talents and identify areas that may need work. A life coach is another pillar of support that teenagers may be more willing to listen to when the emotional atmosphere at home might be too intense.

Someone Who Listens

The social connections created through social media and technology are no substitute for sitting across the room from somebody. For some teenagers, their online social life is all they have. A life coach is a real connection for these teenagers, who they can confide in and trust with their deepest secrets and personal challenges. All parents want their children to have the best start in life and grow into independent, capable adults. Parents who grew up when the world was different may not understand all the issues teens face today. A life coach is a professional who can fill in the gaps, so why not consider calling to book a complimentary session today.

Unlock Your Teenager’s Greatest Potential!


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