Here at The Choice Wellness Center, we make sure to prioritize inner well-being and that is exactly why we have chosen some of the best individuals in the field of coaching and counseling to assist you with whatever you are struggling with: Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, and Physical Health. Please continue to scroll down the page to learn more about each professional and their area of expertise so that you can choose the therapist that you feel is most equipped to provide you with the help you're seeking.


Certified Life Coach

For over a decade, Andrew has coached individuals in a variety of areas such as personal development, fitness transformation, occupational mentoring, and his personal favorite area: relationship coaching. Finding the right person to mentor you through difficult times or to help you breakthrough your limitations is a matter of personal preference, but regardless, Andrew knows that his client's circumstances require a unique, special care. He would love to connect with you!  To learn more about Andrew and his available coaching packages, continue on by clicking our link.


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