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My name is Andrew and I have a passion for helping others break through their struggles and becoming the person they might suspect they can become. I believe in optimal transformation and I work at empowering my clients through coaching, and I do so,  with an empathic approach. I have 2 decades of experience with helping individuals achieve their goals and objectives because I put my own educational knowledge, spiritual expertise, and life experiences to use - whether it be teen coaching, business coaching, or adult life coaching... I do my best to help clients transform themselves into a better version of themselves - efficiently.


TEEN COACHING After my years at university for communications sciences and disorders (speech pathology), I gained much experience empowering teens, both able or disabled, with the tools and skills necessary to improve their lives. I have been trained in conflict resolution, self-esteem building, and socialization techniques, no matter if the client's teen considers themselves to be an introvert or extrovert - they can undergo transformation in any of these areas if you allow me to coach them. I will update the parent weekly (with discretion) via email, or scheduled phone call, to enable the parent to better reinforce the assignments tasked.

BUSINESS COACHING I have a 4 year background in sales and 2 years of experience in the hospitality industry, managing a 66-room hotel... so I know what it takes for business to survive and how to get it to thrive. I focus on all aspect: administrative, advertising & marketing, hiring/firing, operations, human resources, business structuring, or resourcefulness. Providing my clients with the ongoing business consultation that they need to continue scale and grow their companies is my top priority - improving their performance, productivity, and efficiency. Creative solutions are within reach if you allow me to help you.

ADULT LIFE COACHING Lastly, adult life coaching. I've been asked many times to elaborate "what does this coaching style encompass?" much! Mainly, life coaching as it pertains to personal transformation, business consultations, relationship coaching, spiritual mentoring, lifestyle development, and more. I've helped coach many adults - of all ages... younger than myself, my own peers, middle age adults, and even clients that were almost 5 decades older than me! I grew up with a strong interest in spirituality and have developed a method for assisting clients, no matter their religious background or denomination. I believe in prosperity and principles. Whenever considering one of my adult life coaching packages, please be aware that the results are seen when you commit long term and your unique struggles (aka "problems") contain unique solutions... so if you allow me, I will help you over a 6 month, or 12 month period, to assess, attain, and sustain the solutions in order to transform into a better version of you.


When it comes to mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, and occupational health, each of these components naturally compliment each other. If a client of mine is suffering in any one of these areas, one could expect them to experience a feeling of imbalance and insecurity; whether subtly, or realized. Acute, short term difficulties are manageable, but those that struggle with severe difficulty in any one of these areas for a prolonged period of time inevitably develop chronic stress, depression, or more - which then begins to create illness & diseases within the body. I make sure to quickly assess your  circumstances and if I deem your issues to be a matter of mental/emotional illness, I make sure to find you the right help and put you in touch with a qualified professional to better treat your needs. (ie. Psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed counselor)

Yes, people might be most inclined to reach out to a therapist when they’re in crisis, or during stressful life events, related to their mental health, but the definition of “stressful life event” is a little bit different for everyone. We all have unique triggers and life experiences. Seeking therapy from a licensed, clinical therapist is a preventive form of healthcare, like going to the dentist or the doctor. The purpose of therapy is to receive relief, professional guidance, or some semblance of reprieve. The difference between a certified life coach and licensed counselor/therapist comes down to this: healing vs. empowerment - both are needed. Therapy focuses on mental health, emotional healing, and medicinal solutions, while life coaching focuses on habit-setting, lifestyle accountability, and achieving goals. Hiring a life coach is like hiring a personal trainer for your life. A life coach puts their knowledge and experiences to use by formulating a personalized "game plan" on how to best reach your goals - efficiently. My job is to help my clients navigate their lives in a more productive, effective way by mapping out their steps and tasking them with the work necessary to complete those steps - progressing a little closer to the achievement of their personal goals. Plenty of people choose coaching and counseling to understand themselves better, achieve a personal transformation, and to cope with adversity. Life coaching is all about enhancing your life by empowering you! In some ways, life coach in based on pro-activity, but it can also encompass preventative maintenance - enabling the client to become better equipped to manage the inevitable crisis, or difficulties, that arise in their lives. Some clients may lack the self-esteem, habits/skills, and optimal clarity conducive to their potential and growth as an individual - sometimes, simply because their personal environment, or upbringing, failed to establish principles, discipline, and vision to help them reach the fulfillment of their potential. The role of a life coach is to facilitate the journey of redefining yourself, creating productive habits, and empowering you with the strategies to fulfill your true potential.

Long before CO-VID 19 became a regular part of all of our lives, the world was experiencing somewhat a global mental health epidemic because of the stigma and lack of conversations around the topic of mental illness and mental health. The pandemic has poured gasoline on the fire of mental health issues and has certainly produced a world mental health crisis. Sure, there has always been people who experience chronic anxiety, depression, and suicide, but now those rates have become exacerbated - people are dealing with stressors on every level — financially, relationally, emotionally, physically, environmentally, spiritually, occupationally, and politically. For much of humanity, the future seems daunting & bleak and the need for personal life coaching is needed now, more than ever before. If you trust your intuition, book a free consultation so that I can help assess your needs based on your concerns and circumstances, then if you would like to proceed with one of my coaching packages to begin improving your well-being - I will schedule you in. Please scroll down to learn more and book your next session with me!              -Drew

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